Patents and Designs

Patent Number Date Inventor(s) Invention
Design 331 083 November 1992 Gunderson
Radio Transmitter Control for Model Airplanes
4 651 688 March 24, 1987 Selzer
Model Airplane Engine Starter and Drive Train
4 440 122 April 3, 1984 Theobald Model Airplane Engine Starter
4 067 139 January 10, 1978 Pinkerton
Electric powered Flying Model Airplane [more...]
3 955 310 May 11, 1976 Renger Automatic Control Device for Tethered Model Airplane
3 132 716 May 12, 1964 Cole Muffler
2 927 660 March 8, 1960 de Groat Self Starter for Model Engines
2 751 898 June 26, 1956 de Groat Model Engine Starter
2 292 416 August 11, 1942 Walker Controlled Captive Type Toy Airplane

All these patents and designs were assigned to the company in one of its incarnations except the last patent by Nevilles E. (Jim) Walker.  This last patent was the reason for court action against LeRoy Cox, which finally led to the defeat of the Walker patent. This does not diminish the fantastic contributions to the model aircraft hobby by Jim Walker,

Other Stuff
Design 245 635 August 30, 1977

First I must say, that the following is not my Aprils fool joke. This invention seems to have no direct connection to the Cox company, but the engine shown on the drawings closely resemble a "Pee Wee".
Well, the description says that this is a golf ball with a model aircraft engine - I am very deeply impressed, by the excellent design. Now I understand, what technical innovations and secret technologies were applied for the flights to the moon...



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