The first F5D World Championship was organized in 1994 (Wangaratta, Australia).
Year Location Winner Country
1994 Wangaratta
1. Florian Schambeck, Germany
2. Stephan Merz, Germany
3. Jens Bartels, Germany
4. Guy Brouquieres, France
1. Germany
2. USA
3. Australia
4. Netherlands
1996 Benesov
(Czech Republic)
1. Stephan Merz, Germany
2. Martin Schlief, Germany
3. Florian Schambeck, Germany
4. Jens Bartels, Germany
5. Ferry Koot, Netherlands
6. Wolfgang Zauner, Austria
7. Peter Meisinger, Austria
8. Gregg Vook, Australia
9. Larry Jolly, USA
10. Hans Koot, Netherlands
1. Germany
2. Netherlands
3. USA
4. Italy
5. Australia
1998 Neuhardenberg
1. Robert Wimmer, Germany
2. Florian Schambeck, Germany
3. Jens Bartels, Germany
4. Stephan Merz, Germany
5. Brian, Buaas, USA
6. Ferry Koot, Netherlands
7. David Hobby, Australia
8. Troy Peterson, USA
9. Larry Jolly, USA
10. Renzo Razzi, Italy
1. Germany
2. USA
3. Italy
4. France
5. Australia
6. Poland
7. Great Britain
8. Netherlands
9. Khazakhstan
2000 San Diego
1. Robert Wimmer, Germany
2. Jens Bartels, Germany
3. Harald Konrath, Germany
4. Siegfried Schedel, Germany
5. Troy Peterson, USA
6. Peter Meisinger, Austria
7. Stefan Fraundorfer, Austria
8. Kevin Matney, USA
9. Archie Adamission, USA
10. Christof Fraundorfer, Austria
1. Germany
2. Austria
3. USA
4. France
5. Australia
2004 York
(Great Britain)
1. Jens Bartels, Germany
2. Dirk Belting, Germany
3. Markus Wanner, Germany
4. Daniel Mayr, Austria
5. Daniel Kane, USA
6. Travis Flynn, USA
7. Troy Peterson, USA
8. Stefan Fraunhofer, Austria
9. Peter Meisinger, Austria
10. Tuomas Pietinen, Finland
1. Germany
2. USA
3. Austria
4. France
5. Finland
6. Canada
7. Belgium
8. Poland

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